The SCA Group provides solutions for companies ranging from small, privately owned organizations to billion dollar public companies. Often, a company will contact The SCA Group for help with their company—but why?

There are many reasons a company feels they need a group like SCA on their side, but the majority fall into two driving themes.

They’re in trouble
Often, a company is in real trouble and they think they understand why that is, but generally they don’t understand the root cause of the impending failure.

The CEO is losing confidence
If a company is growing so quickly that they’ve outstripped the capabilities of their executive staff, especially the CFO, the CEO often loses confidence in his ability to steer the ship.

How does The SCA Group help?

Those who are in trouble generally think they understand why and they’re generally wrong.
One of the biggest challenges SCA Group faces is showing a business how they have ended up
where they are and what the best course of action is going forward.

How is this done?
There are two approaches to doing this. The SCA Group either goes in and does a situation
analysis, which is a rigorous review of all of the processes inside the business, so that they can
get a handle on what else might be a problem that the owner hasn’t alluded to. Or they just
dive in and start interviewing staff, trying to get an affirmation of the CEO’s view. Most
often in an open organization, they get a whole series of other concerns from this method.

So why The SCA Group?
The SCA Group has a reputation for not just telling a company how to fix things, but staying
with them through the fix. A differentiator for The SCA Group is the fact that they really do
partner with management and integrate with the management team either by taking a C level
seat or just coming in as a senior advisor.

To learn more about The SCA Group, visit their website or give them a call at (954) 489-2770.