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After the successful launch of their first location in Fort Lauderdale, FL, the partners at the SCA Group determined that it was time to expand their service area. Founding partner, Daniel Stansky, agreed to take the lead and successfully opened a second location, allowing the SCA Group to increase their network and support clients throughout Florida.


Prior to the formation of the SCA Group, the founding partners averaged more than 35 years of experience each in “chief” level corporate positions, and had served in nearly two dozen different sectors and industries combined. They merged their broad experience into one unique venture, focused on providing comprehensive board and management advisory services for companies of all sizes, and in multiple different industries.
After the profitable and highly successful launch of their South Florida office, they recognized some lucrative trends and opportunities in the Northeast Florida market. The region’s middle market was growing but had been ignored by national firms, and underserved by the few local consulting groups headquartered in the area. The SCA Group quickly identified this as an opportunity to expand. Stansky agreed to relocate to Northeast Florida to determine the best location for a new office and to begin establishing a presence in the local business community.

SCA Group faced a few specific challenges to successfully creating a presence in their new target market.

  • Although they had good brand recognition, and an established referral network in South Florida, they had no contact network and a scant Rolodex in Northeast Florida.
  • With little inside knowledge of the area, they also faced the possibility of being met with unknown obstacles, even if they did find a suitable location for their new office.

Essentially, SCA Group needed to confirm that the Northeast Florida market was a solid opportunity, and immediately begin creating an influential network and list of critical contacts in a market where they were virtually unknowns.

In order to verify that the market held viable opportunities for SCA Group to provide their services, Stansky interviewed several commercial bankers, investment bankers, attorneys, accounting firms and established consulting groups in the region. This also served to begin creating a network of key businesses in the area.
Stansky determined, after thorough research and analysis, that the greater Jacksonville area would be feasible to serve clients in Tampa, Orlando and the greater Jacksonville market. It would give SCA Group the most breadth and width, while establishing their office in a focal point of the region.
Finally, Stansky maintained his ten-year membership and Directors position in the Florida Turnaround Management Association, providing increased visibility for SCA Group through this respected regional group.

After performing a thorough analysis of the market, Stansky determined that the Northeast Florida market could be profitable and lucrative for himself and his partners. In order to keep operating costs low, Stansky relocated to St. Augustine and worked from his new home office while he established the practice and opened the new office location.
Stansky is now developing a growing and impressive network in the region while simultaneously building brand recognition in their new market.




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