It’s All About Perspective

HorseradishTo a worm in a horseradish, the whole world is a horseradish.” This insightful Yiddish proverb speaks to one of the most vexing problems faced by CEOs – the loss of perspective, that is, their ability to see business challenges in an entirely new way. They and other C-suite members are frequently seduced by “we’ve always done it that way” thinking and as a result, they miss the opportunity to see new solutions to old problems.

Because we live on the outside of the horseradish, SCA Group consultants are better able to see your business from a new perspective and with fresh eyes. Opportunities to improve your business operations, to increase sales and the bottom line are there and we can help you find them. Call us today and let’s get started!

SCA Partner Eric Nelson Named Chief Financial Officer at Dubli, Inc.

headshot_eric_250DubLi, Inc., a global marketing company that provides consumers around the world with a variety of innovative, online shopping and entertainment opportunities, announced recently that it has strengthened its senior management team with the appointment of SCA Group partner, Eric Nelson, as Chief Financial Officer.

Eric has extensive experience as a turnaround specialist and has served as a consultant to DubLi since November 2012. His performance to the company has been exemplary and he has been asked to commit to a longer term relationship with the company. This is a great example of how SCA Consultants can really make a difference. To ready the entire Press release, just click on this link

SCA Partner Michael Mazzarino Featured in Success Magazine

headshot_michael_250Michael made a significant contribution to a recent issue of this widely-read magazine with his input to an article titled “How to: Run a Family Business“. In his introduction to the piece, Michael stated, “Running a business can be challenging. Families can be challenging. But when they work right, family-run businesses can be incredibly successful-both personally and financially. The key is to set rules to keep personal issues aside. It’s always a matter of separating personal relationships from business roles. Problems creep in when the group of people who sit around the Thanksgiving table are also the CEO, the bookkeeper and the sales manager.”

Michael’s article offers insights on making a family business as successful as possible. To read the entire article, just click on this link

Over the years, The SCA Group of consultants has helped companies of all sizes fully realize their potential. Employee productivity has improved, revenue has increased and best of all, bottom line profitability has set one new record after another. Let us help you enjoy this kind of success too. Contact us today!

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