The SCA Group has helped our company in many ways to grow and thrive. They are able to take on and manage a number of complicated initiatives. They always deliver first class results and have never missed a time commitment. They are an important part of my team and brain trust. I highly recommend them.
avatarNeal Asbury, The Legacy Companies
The SCA Group was given the task of developing a turnaround strategy for Promise Healthcare, a modest sized, multi facility, long term acute care hospital owner/manager. This was more than just a complicated task which involved the disposition and / or consolidation of facilities, it required the restructuring of the large financial facility supporting this business. Their attention to detail, extraordinary financial prowess and ability to meet key deadlines has made them a cornerstone of this project. It is certainly accurate to say their leadership in this effort will result in the successful “turnaround” of this healthcare provider.
Peter Baronoff, Promise Healthcare, Inc.
The partners of The SCA Group are some of the sharpest business minds I know. Their specialty is in doing turnarounds of struggling businesses but their skills could easily be applied to almost any company. Their calm, cool and pragmatic approach to even the most urgent crises can be a real asset when such crises come your way. If a business tsunami was fast approaching my company, I would want them on my team to help us get through it!
avatarMichael Wichelns, , Springboard Consulting, Inc.
The partners of The SCA Group have a very good operational background and have worked with both large and small companies in all stages of their development. Their financial assessment is extremely detail oriented and they are very good at figuring out solutions in an efficient, quick and logical manner. Their passion for helping entrepreneurs preserve and build value is a tremendous quality and I have enjoyed working with them.
avatarChris Muneio,, MTN Capital Partners
We were going through a sales processes which was long and arduous. The SCA Group not only was able to guide us through the process but pointed out business processes we could employ to enhance and streamline our business model. With those processes in place we were better able to whether the economic downturn and came out a stronger company on the other side.
avatarDaniel Madden, , Eastern Metal Supply, Inc.
The SCA Group has been able to provide us with the financial and operational help we required at a critical point in our growth phase. We were doubling in growth for two years in a row and we required several new sources of capital as well as tools to help us understand our operations. SCA was able to provide us the help we needed in a timely and cost effective manner.
avatarEdward Martin, , Marware, Inc
A partner that later became one of the founding members of The SCA Group, LLC was hired by one of our portfolio companies as interim CEO and restructuring consultant. He was highly effective in delivering the immediate assistance needed and producing the restructuring needed. He has excellent financial management and analysis skills and is a seasoned executive for transitional or crisis situations. He has my highest recommendation. If the partner we hired is any example of the other members of The SCA Group, I would recommend them too. Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity
avatarMichael L. Cappy, , Managing Partner
We found the partners of The SCA Group to be extremely professional, very competent, and a joy to work with. We highly recommend Them. Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity.
avatarPromise Healthcare, Inc., Rich Gold,