Performance Improvement

Many companies faced with the challenges presented by the unprecedented volatility of the current economy need performance improvement services. The SCA Group helps companies develop and implement tangible solutions that produce immediate results by not only making improvements in cost controls and efficiency but we also help our clients produce revenue generating performance improvements as well. Our experienced team has a long history of working with private equity, other financial sponsors and companies. This broad based experience has given us a unique ability for implementing sustainable and scalable solutions that produce positive change, quickly. Today companies do not have the luxury of waiting months or years to see a positive impact on their bottom line from performance improvement initiatives.

Companies today need solutions that deliver results quickly.

Delivering successful results quickly involves identifying key operating metrics which lie behind each line item of the financial statement, understanding the processes driving operating results, and improving performance by re-designing operations. To achieve results The SCA Group obtains a commitment to change from key stakeholders within our client companies. The number one key to our and our clients’ success is working closely with management and the board, combined with rigorous analysis and follow-through implementation. This ensures that our recommendations are well-founded, readily actionable and achieve the desired results.

The SCA Group helps its clients achieve positive change with people, processes and operations. Working alongside management or through more direct intervention as interim managers or as agents for change, we aid our clients in uncovering and releasing hidden value, driving earnings and cash to the bottom line. We help our clients produce results in both good and challenging times.

The SCA Group aids its clients in maximizing revenue and aligning products, offerings and customers to maximize growth opportunities. We are adept at driving tight control of direct costs, improving the value of our client’s business, while optimizing administrative costs and other overhead. Our partners are experts at assisting clients in improving the cash conversion cycle by bringing a unique focus on better working capital management.

The SCA Group analyses all key business processes to help our clients tailor strategies and action plans focused on improving and optimizing customer satisfaction which drives growth in revenue and profitability. Our professionals have experience in virtually every industry and a great understanding of the essential elements to execute winning strategies and action plans needed for success.

The SCA Group’s services include:

  • Strategic planning and modeling
  • Planning, budgeting and forecasting
  • Financial consolidation and reporting
  • Management reporting and analytics
  • Organizational alignment
  • Change and project management
  • Best practice implementation
  • Customer profitability
  • Product profitability
  • Performance measurement
  • Market-focused organizational modeling
  • Go-to-market strategies
  • Working capital optimization
  • Merger integration

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