Management Mentoring

You’ve surely heard this before: “People are our greatest assets”; but how many of your employees continue to complain that their managers’ management, communications, and leadership skills are woefully lacking? You know that simply putting a development objective into a performance evaluation isn’t enough; but you don’t have enough time to meaningfully address the matter with your direct reports. So isn’t it time that you considered outsourcing some of your coaching and mentoring to a professional management coach and leadership advisor?

You know you can’t afford to just let your direct reports find their own way.  You know you don’t have the time to dedicate to their professional development that they need.  Expecting that managers will identify the tools to improve their skills and then put them into practice is not an effective strategy; however hiring a coach for them is.

Managers are hard-wired to solve problems, but being a leader

requires an upgraded set of competencies.

To become more effective, mangers need additional coaching and mentoring. It’s what brings out their executive and leadership qualities before (and then after) they get promoted into the executive ranks. It sharpens their leadership potential. But many managers are basically professional problem-solvers; so many will enroll in the latest “How to Be a Better Manager” seminar and hope for the best.  That is hardly ideal because no one is really coaching management.

The second assault should come from a totally different direction.

The SCA Group, LLC hits this issue of Untapped Potential head-on. As a provider of outsourced coaching, mentoring and performance advisory services, we work individually and discretely with executives and mid-level managers to maximize their leadership, growth and communications skill development. We augment their training.  We help them zero-in on effective actions to take, better articulate their message to key players, and understand where they need to be more disciplined and focused in their efforts.

As their management coach, we challenge and stimulate their thinking with thought-provoking questions. We tell them truthfully and candidly what others won’t and to bring out their high potential we assign and track important learning and performance objectives every step of the way. In short, we help our clients be as successful as they choose to be – as successful as your expectations say they should be.

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