Interim Management

The SCA Group’s Partners have a wide range of backgrounds and credentials. We are former CEOs, CFOs, COOs, and commercial and investment bankers with active CTP and CPA credentials. Our seasoned executives can serve as CEO, CFO, and/or COO for as long or short a time as needed, and are available to fill a position vacated abruptly or opened due to restructuring.

During a restructuring we can serve as Chief Restructuring Officers, or Advisors, allowing management to focus on business issues while our team focuses on developing and implementing restructuring solutions.

Our restructuring services include:

  • Interim Management Roles:
    • Provide traditional Board, CEO, COO, CFO Roles
    • Chief Restructuring Officer
  • Operational Improvement & Financial Turnaround:
    • Liquidity Management and Cash Flow Monitoring
    • Business Plan Review
    • Cost Alignment
    • Supply Chain Evaluation
    • Revenue Enhancement
    • Assist with Asset Sales and Wind Down of Operations

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