CFO Services

The SCA Group LLC provides CFO services to meet your business challenges. Our experienced team has 20 – 30 years’ experience in all levels of the “C-Suite”, especially the office of the CFO. Whether you’re looking for a part-time, advisor, mentor to your finance team or a full-time hire; the SCA Group has you covered. We have the experience to look at your business from various perspectives.  The customer, supplier, creditor, regulatory are all stake-holders that affect your success; we’ve been there for multiple companies over the years.

What we provide:

  • Senior level managers with at least twenty-five years of business experience at the senior level financial.
  • A CFO who is a member of your company so that anything we do considers your entire organization.
  • Supervision and mentoring of your financial staff so they can perform at the highest level.
  • An approach where we share our experience with your team and learn from them.
  • Flexible approach to staffing that will fit your needs whether it’s
    • Part-time
    • Mentoring your existing finance operation
    • Project based advising
    • Full-time hire
  • A team that is always available to you.
  • Focused attention on your business always with appreciation of your cash position.


  • Experience in all phases of a company’s life cycle
    • Start-up
    • Fast growth
    • Turn-around, distressed including bankruptcy
    • Capital raise
    • Acquisitions and sales
    • Exit strategies
  • We are not outsiders looking in because we become a fully integrated part of your organization.

Next Step

Contact us by e-mail or call our office to discuss how The SCA Group can help with your unique financial, operational, and strategic needs.