Business Assessment

A business assessment from The SCA Group can help you understand your options and chart your path within days. Our assessment methodologies were created and tested in real-world situations by experienced CFOsto quickly identify financial issues and opportunities.

How it works

The SCA Group assesses as many of the following areas as possible during an eight-hour limited business assessment. After the assessment day, we present an Executive Summary of findings and recommendations to your management team.

CFO Overview

  • Controllership
  • Treasury
  • Capital Structure
  • Strategic Transactions
  • Business Value / Business Strategy
  • Financial Planning & Analysis
  • Oversite of IT
  • Administrative Oversite
  • Risk Management

Financial Diagnostic

  • Business Strategy
  • Liquidity Protection Strategy
  • Capital Strategy
  • Financial Analysis
  • Internal Controls

Business Diagnostic

  • Responsivness to the Marketplace
  • Organizational Alignment
  • Internal Management Practices
  • Information Technology

Why have an Assessment?

The SCA Group is one of the elite national executive services firm focused on supporting C-Suite Services.  We specialize in quickly assessing situations and developing action plans that deliver results. In fact, 79% of our clients came to us when they needed urgent help to address a financial or strategic issue because of our operational expertise.

A Unique Approach

Hundreds of companies have turned to the partners of The SCA Group for help with an urgent, high-level business situation. That’s because as an organization focused on supporting the C-Suite range, we immediately deliver operational expertise to address a variety of challenges in every stage of the business lifecycle.

We built our reputation on the velocity with which we are able to assess situations and develop a plan of action. Best of all, our operating executives can not only develop a pragmatic agenda, they can also help you execute the plan, accelerating your results.

Next Step

Contact us by e-mail or call our office to discuss how The SCA Group can help with your unique financial, operational, and strategic needs.