Board of Directors

The SCA Group, LLC has a wide range of expertise in assisting companies in the Member of the Board of Directors role. The partners have extensive hands on experience as an Outside/Independent as well as an inside Member of the Board of directors in Public, Private and Not for Profit enterprises.

Our Services include:

  • Development and assessment of company strategy
  • Change of control and executive contracts
  • Audit and governance committee
    • Financial Expert
    • Sarbanes – Oxly
    • Internal Controls and 404
    • Governing the organization by establishing broad policies and objectives;
    • Selecting, appointing, supporting and reviewing the performance of the chief executive;
    • Ensuring the availability of adequate financial resources;
    • Approving annual budgets;
  • Compensation Committee
    • Board of Director Compensation Plan review and design
    • Charter Development
    • Independent review of management proposals
    • Pay advisory services
    • Strategic compensation philosophy development
    • Executive officer pay (base pay, bonus, perks, equity) assessment
    • Executive performance review policies & processes
    • Executive stock ownership and retention strategies
  • Ad hoc Committees
    • Competitive market analysis (Not-for-Profit clientele)
    • Market pricing and competitive salary benchmarking
    • Stock option & equity strategies
    • Short-term and long-term incentive design

Some of our partners are members of NACD – National Association of Corporate Directors

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