headshot_stanners_250Stanners is a seasoned executive with strong credentials in all aspects of finance and operations.  He is a results oriented executive with strategic vision and entrepreneurial spirit whose career includes serving as the Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Restructuring Officer of public and private middle market, and emerging-growth companies. He has an extensive background in private offerings, public offerings, mergers and acquisitions, reorganizations, restructurings, cash flow and working capital optimization, risk management, supply chain and inventory management, labor relations, and strategic planning. He currently is a founding Partner in the South Florida practice of SCA Group, LLC.

His experience includes over 25 years working with entrepreneurial and middle-market companies in a broad range of businesses in a variety of industries such as automotive, banking, consumer services, e-commerce,  manufacturing, retail, technology, distribution, recycling, real estate, transportation, and wholesaling. He has lead and directed IPO transactions and has worked with private equity backed companies, turnaround situations and companies with multiple locations across the United States.

Stanners has been the CFO of 2 public companies and is experienced with interacting with institutional and individual investors on road shows, investor calls and shareholders meetings.

Selected Accomplishments

Problem/Issue: Private equity owned manufacturing company was experiencing losses and erosion of working capital; Solution: Led the implementation of lean manufacturing practices, significantly reduced manufacturing costs by rationalizing supply chain and lowering parts costs improving gross margin by over 10 points. Also improved cash conversion cycle eliminating the need for additional working capital financing. Diversified product offering to mitigate acute softness in legacy business line by developing a needs based commercial business opportunity while Chief Restructuring Officer of a $50 million manufacturing company.

Problem/Issue: Company was experiencing a decline in profitability and needed a strategic solution to maximize the value of its enterprise. Solution: Developed a plan to close the company’s unprofitable operations and carve out its profitable division for sale. Successfully closed and liquidated unprofitable operations and led directed and negotiated a sale of a client’s profitable division to a strategic buyer maximizing the value of the enterprise. In addition he negotiated a full release of liability for its owners from the firm’s creditors while serving as Chief Restructuring Officer of a $20 million client with four call centers in consumer research business.

Problem/Issue: Rapid growth of company resulted in material inefficiencies including a rapid increase in operating costs and erosion of liquidity. Solution: Led strategic initiative that reduced costs and improved the efficiency and effectiveness of customer facing operations saving over $3 million. He negotiated and renegotiated major operating contracts which improved customer service and lowered costs by over $2 million. Instituted a disciplined integrated approach to managing working capital which reduced cash conversion cycle by 50% by increasing inventory turns and improving trade terms while Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating officer of a $500 million multi-channel retailer.

Problem/Issue: Firm’s profitability and market share eroding. Solution: Implemented cost controls and new pricing models to insure customer profitability,  renegotiated debt obligations providing additional liquidity, developed strategic plan, acquired principal competitor and positioned firm for a successful sale to a strategic buyer while serving as an advisor to a $30 million transportation industry client.

Problem/Issue: Growing company needed access to bank financing and equity capital; Solution: Developed strategic business plan and financial models and information package needed to provide financing sources in order to secure bank financing and equity capital totaling $15 million while interim Chief Financial Officer of a $50 million leasing industry client.

Problem/Issue: Client seeking to grow rapidly via roll up acquisitions; Solution: Created processes, arranged financing and structured procedures necessary for successful integration of target companies for a $40 million client in recycling industry.

Problem/Issue: Company needed equity capital, mezzanine and bank financing to fund growth; Solution: Orchestrated, directed and completed initial public offering of common stock, negotiated structured and completed private placements of preferred stock and subordinated debt providing capital to fund growth and infrastructure. Financings totaled over $70 million while Chief Financial Officer of a $50 million transportation company.

Problem/Issue: Shareholders of multi-channel retailer were looking for an exit to realize liquidity on their investment in the company. Solution: Prepared information memorandum, retained investment banker evaluated alternatives and successfully achieved a liquidity event for the shareholders by selling the company to a private equity firm while Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating officer of a $500 million multi-channel retailer.

Problem/Issue: Fortune 100 customers demanding improved performance and operating costs growing too fast. Solution: Lead and directed implementation of Deming based Total Quality Management initiative which reduced waste and redundancies in work processes, lowered costs by over $2 million and created a team oriented working culture focused on exceeding customer needs while Chief Financial Officer of a $50 million transportation company.

Implementation Skills

Implemented enhanced finance controls in many companies. An expert at optimizing working capital and implementing cash flow controls in both distressed and rapidly growing companies to avoid growth from outstripping cash and impeding growth.  He has handled integration of acquisitions and implementation of new financial, ERP and warehouse management systems.

Results Orientation

Implemented disciplined program focused on net gross margin and realigned sales incentive programs to reward net margin rather than gross sales which enhanced profitability. Improved forecasting methodology and integrated forecasting and financial reporting which increased accountability and management team’s understanding of profit drivers.

Team Leadership

Took on a leadership role in a company losing money and totally reinvigorated its demoralized management team. He developed, led and implemented a strategic initiative which improved communications and aligned all operating divisions with corporate goals. This initiative resulted in lower costs, enhanced customer satisfaction, sales growth and restored company to profitability in less than 12 months.


University of Connecticut – Bachelors of Science Degree in Finance

University of Miami – Executive Program – Banking & Finance

University of Virginia – Executive Program – Finance & Management

Professional continuing education in accounting, finance, investor relations, negotiating, risk management, total quality management and other areas.  Completed professional continuing education programs conducted by the NASDAQ Stock Market, Financial Executives International, Turnaround Management Association, Direct Marketing Association and American Bankers Association.

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mobile: (561) 704-5524
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