The healthcare industry is the largest industry in the country. As such it is inherently complex and is facing significant structural change that requires every provider to organize around a new set of standards — including value, accountability, quality, efficiency and transparency.  SCA has been advising healthcare clients for many years and has developed solutions to many existing problems.  The healthcare solutions at The SCA Group are designed to help all healthcare organizations prepare and mobilize for the impending change through optimizing performance in the short term and preparing for the strategic, operational and financial challenges of the future.

As industry experts and thought leaders in strategic planning, post-merger planning and facility planning we understand  the strategy that drives organizational change and growth.  In a volatile industry like health care, it will be the organizations with clarity of direction and strategy that have the greatest chance of thriving in the communities they serve.

We take our responsibility very seriously when you place your trust in us.  We pledge to meet the highest standards of service and ensure that our work yields impact and value.

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