We are witnessing a fundamental long-term shift in the global agriculture industry. Due to ascending wealth in Asia, and other key locations, the demand for agricultural products has risen dramatically in recent years. At the same time, environmental and policy pressures and more regulations from Washington are causing companies to adjust their strategies and operational procedures. More than anything else, the confluence of industry trends creates opportunities. Always driving towards results, The SCA Group, LLC helps its agriculture industry clients uncover and capitalize on the ever-changing landscape.

The SCA Group has a deep understanding of agribusiness and the political and economic trends that underpin the industry. For both growers and processors our knowledge and insight help clients balance communication between the financial and critical non-financial stakeholders to best ensure their success. A SCA Group partner offers an objective viewpoint and fresh look at a wide variety of issues all aimed at helping our clients achieve improved profitability. Every business wants to improve profits. Our partners can help you analyze your business from many angles and pinpoint opportunities, develop and implement actions for improving your bottom line.

The SCA Group provides its Clients:

  • Expert service. Based on years of experience working with agricultural businesses, our partners can help you answer tough questions, solve problems and achieve your goals in ways that make the most sense.
  • Strategic planning. Our partners help you weigh the pros and cons of the most complex decisions. They listen to your goals and help you set objectives. Then they put together an action plan that clarifies what you expect to achieve and how to get there.
  • Straight talk. You will receive factual analysis on key business issues so you can make informed decisions. Our partners’ recommendations are practical, specific to your operation and concise.
  • Benchmarking for success. Our benchmarking products help you perform intensive analysis and comparisons of your business to your operation’s history and to other leading businesses in your industry.
  • Constructive facilitation. Many families find it difficult to discuss sensitive issues, such as generational transfer. Our advisors help resolve important issues with a consensus building process.

How we work

  • Project basis: Very often, our partners work on individual projects, such as developing an estate plan with a client.
  • Ongoing service: Many clients prefer a continuing relationship with SCA. In most cases, our partner visits your operation every quarter to analyze and discuss your financial picture, with telephone and email contacts in between. Other clients choose monthly visits.
  • Group facilitation: A SCA Group partner can conduct training right at your place of business. They can customize a program for your family, employees or customers on virtually any topic, such as business management, labor relations, communication skills or problem-solving.

Next Step

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