The SCA Group supports companies in the Aerospace and Defense industries to drive speed and flexibility while maintaining control and precision best practices.  As political risk dramatically increases, along with globalization and military transformation, significant challenges are facing the industry.  Let The SCA Group improve profitability and performance through solutions tailored to your company.  Whether you are providing advanced expendable IR decoy flares or soft body armor, our Partners have the experience to accelerate decisions for the complex challenges encountered when dealing with cumbersome, bureaucratic agencies.

Our capabilities include:

  • Strategic PlanningOur Partners help you weigh the pros and cons of complex, strategic decisions.  Then we put together a plan that clarifies what you expect to achieve and how to get there.
  • Mergers and AcquisitionsWe provide pre- and post-acquisition support to companies in the Aerospace and Defense industries.  We are experts at identifying target companies, modeling the rationalization of the acquisition, managing and executing due diligence, negotiating the purchase agreement, managing the closing, and managing and executing integration.  We also will perform post-acquisition analyses to determine if the strategic benefits were achieved.
  • Bid Strategy: Our Partners will model contract outcomes to optimize profitability considering manufacturing capabilities, pricing alternatives, payment schedules and other contract parameters,

Based on our years of experience working with Aerospace and Defense businesses, our Partners can help you answer tough questions, solve problems and achieve your goals in ways that make the most sense.  You will receive factual analysis on key business issues so you can make informed decisions.

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