What is the difference between a CFO and a Controller?

The difference between a CFO and a controller is in the eyes of the beholder. Oftentimes, a company avoids giving a controller a high raise by instead giving them a bigger title, such as CFO. But, mostly, these controllers don’t have the skills needed to fully perform the functions of a CFO, and often, when […]

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Why do people hire management companies like SCA?

The SCA Group provides solutions for companies ranging from small, privately owned organizations to billion dollar public companies. Often, a company will contact The SCA Group for help with their company—but why?

There are many reasons a company feels they need a group like SCA on their side, but the majority fall into two driving themes.

They’re […]

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Is Your Liquidity Strategy Tailored to Economic Conditions?

Effective cash management involves analyzing and adjusting cash flows in relation to and in anticipation of changing market conditions. Daniel E. Stansky, founding partner of The SCA Group, LLC, a provider of comprehensive board and management advisory services for public and private companies, warns that failure to monitor changes in receipts and disbursements over time—and […]

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DubLi, Inc. Names Eric Nelson Chief Financial Officer

BOCA RATON, FL–(Marketwire – Feb 28, 2013) – DubLi, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: DUBL), a global marketing company that provides consumers around the world with a variety of innovative, online shopping and entertainment opportunities, today announced that it has strengthened its senior management team with the appointments of Eric Nelson to Chief Financial Officer, Ricardo “Rick” Daglio to […]

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How To: Run a Family Business


Running a business can be challenging. Families can be challenging. But when they work right, family-run businesses can be incredibly successful—both personally and financially—says Michael Mazzarino, founding partner in The SCA Group, a business consultancy in Boca Raton, Fla. The key is to set rules to keep personal issues aside.

“It’s […]

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It’s All About Perspective

“To a worm in a horseradish, the whole world is a horseradish.” This insightful Yiddish proverb speaks to one of the most vexing problems faced by CEOs – the loss of perspective, that is, their ability to see business challenges in an entirely new way. They and other C-suite members are frequently […]

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Fire Madame Babushka!

Of course the biggest wrong prediction of 2012 put Mitt Romney in the White House. A double-dip recession was another prediction that was wrong, at least so far. Looking into the future is a dicey business no matter who you are. There’s no place for Madame Babushka in the C-Suite or the Board […]

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How Marware Rediscovered its Mobile Mojo — and Returned to High Growth

Marware is a preferred supplier of carriers and accessories for Amazon’s Kindle offerings, and the firm is busy building relationships with a variety of mobile players, says Marware CFO Larry Litowitz, who identifies the firm’s competitive edge in the mobile arena as speed to market.

“Marware can now have its product on the shelves only a […]

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Credit Quality Matters: Evaluating Financial Risk

The U.S. economy’s slow recovery and the pain that businesses experienced during the recent financial crisis left many corporate credit managers cautious about financial risk. Experts in the field of credit management, financial consulting and corporate finance discuss proven techniques for companies to evaluate financial risk related t customers, vendors and suppliers.

Sageworks, a leader in […]

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More than four years after the peak of the US financial crisis, financial professionals, businesses, and borrowers still remain cautious about their exposure to risk.

Michael Mazzarino, founding partner of strategic advisory firm The SCA Group LLC, says that in addition to quantitative verification, credit managers […]

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