The SCA Group, LLC is the premier solution for comprehensive board and management advisory services for companies, ranging from small private companies to billion dollar public companies.

We are well-connected, time-tested CFOs/COOs/CEOs with deep knowledge in financial and operational matters of all kinds. The SCA Group, LLC is unique in providing “C-Suite Solutions”, so you can be confident your financial or operational needs – whether interim, part-time, project-based, or permanent leadership – will be handled expertly. We’re dedicated to handling each project with the utmost integrity.

The unmatched expertise of the partners at SCA Group is built on a foundation of hard work and many years of experience. The partners of the firm are admitted only after a rigorous selection and background check and requires unanimous partner approval. Each of SCA Group’s partners averages approximately 35 years of postgraduate experience in a wide variety of “Chief level” positions, and international experience.  We believe our deep knowledge and experience places our firm into a league of its own.

Industry Experience

SCA Group’s partners have broad industry experience, including in the following sectors:

What We Do

The partners of The SCA Group, LLC have helped over 500 companies of all sizes achieve their strategic financial and business goals. In every case, The SCA Group, LLC provided the leadership, direction, perspective and ultimate success that only a group of professionals as accomplished and sought-after as the partners at SCA Group can deliver. Our partners are skilled in a variety of transactions including:

  • Financial Planning
  • Strategic Planning
  • Business Modeling
  • International Operations
  • Investment Management
  • Due Diligence
  • Internal Audit & Controls
  • Investor Relations
  • SEC Reporting
  • Orderly Wind-downs & Liquidations

Level of Engagement

Clients can engage with The SCA Group, LLC in a variety of ways to best fit their needs.

  • Part-time: Smaller companies rarely need a full-time, true CFO, yet they do need access to the expertise. The SCA Group, LLC can provide the efficient, expert leadership you require, and scale our effort to match your needs as they change.
  • Interim: The SCA Group, LLC will step in with an interim Financial or Operational Officer until you hire a permanent replacement. Your search can be conducted deliberately, thoroughly, and without haste, knowing your company is protected by a highly experienced financial veteran.
  • Permanent: A number of the partners of The SCA Group, LLC are the full-time, employed officers of their companies. They remain an active partner in the firm, and can thus bring the full experience base of The SCA Group, LLC to bear to the benefit of their companies. This is an exceptional advantage to public companies in the Sarbanes-Oxley environment where CFOs must execute with precision, experience and confidence.
  • Project-based: If your company is facing a transaction or financing for which you believe your financial staff is under-experienced, The SCA Group, LLC will lead them through the process to a successful, efficient conclusion.
  • Advisory: The SCA Group, LLC often advises CEOs, CFOs, boards, audit committees, investors and lenders on a variety of matters, including complex accounting issues, financing and operating strategies, due diligence, and restructurings.